November 11, 2005

peasants still revolting

Since ti has faded from the media you might think that the rioting in France is over, however the BBC is reporting that it clearly isn't
Police say the rioting that erupted two weeks ago is now less intense and 463 vehicles were set ablaze overnight - one-third of the peak total.

But a police spokesman said unrest persisted in impoverished immigrant communities around Paris.

Night curfews for youths are still in force in several areas.
The government is clueless, with the possible exception of Nicolas Sarkozy, being as much a member of the multicult as our own, but there seem some sensible comments on the BBC's have your say area:
While you are a guest in my house I will look after you. However I don't expect to look after you for ever. If you then abuse my hospitality and good will, burn my house, damage my property, steal my car I will throw you out. Draconian maybe, but the state is me. The money the state lavishes on these 'guests' is mine. Abuse of state property is abuse of my property. You want to live in a civilised country you act in a civilised manner or we will throw you out.

John, France

Clearly this is the result of ultra liberal unchecked immigration. When very large numbers of immigrants take over a region, there is no need to assimilate and then the reverse discrimination begins. No-go areas begin to crop up for natives of that country. Soon, the violence starts to focus on other regions claiming segregation and discrimination which is, in reality, self-imposed. When people move to a new country, it is their responsibility to assimilate.

Ian, Glasgow

David - you've just made the point that the rioters do not support French culture, government etc. If this is the case, they shouldn't be living in France and causing trouble. Why do people seem to think it is alright to move to another country and try to force their own cultures and values on the natives. They should either stay in their own country or not cause trouble.

Helen, Reading

Long term the bleeding heart "lets bend over backwards for foreigners and to hell with our own culture" mob will win again and these low lifes will be rewarded with concessions and apologies. What should happen, in France or any other country, is that the rioters should be punished with a lengthy custodial sentence and/or immediately thrown out of the country. I think I will prove a point and go on an alcoholic bender in a Muslim country then riot when I am stopped from doing so!

Kathryn Anderson, Bradford, United Kingdom

A country does not have to show immigrants how to assimilate. It is for the immigrants (who emigrate without pressure from the host country) to make the effort. It is, after all, their choice. Having spent some time in Arab countries (5 in all) I can honestly say that they did nothing to assist my assimilation, nor change their culture for me.Neither did I expect it.I did however find that when I made the effort....continuously, in the end I got acceptable responses.

Antony Webb

This is not a French but rather a European problem. Maybe, just maybe, the EU can actually take some time off from issuing White Papers and regulating every form of human endeavour (and taxing same) and actually get to the hard work at hand. Can Europe sustain a large, mainly Islamic immigrant population that doesn't want to integrate into a secular culture it distains? That's the question. Time for Europeans and these immigrants to find the answer.

Peter Kohler, Washington DC, United States


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